Open a Global CFDs account and gain access
to global markets on professional trading software

Basic charge of £1 per trade - Margins from 0.5% - Minimum deposit £300
SA Equities from 0.15% - International Equities from 0.08%

  • "1 Platform...7590 instruments"

  • "Shares, Indices, Forex, Treasuries, Commodities, Sectors"

  • "A trade is conducted every 1.7 seconds"

  • "Over 13.5million trades last year"

  • "98% of trades are conducted online"

  • "42 technical indicators"

  • "Live news feed"

  • "Market Commentary"

  • "1-click dealing"

  • "23 Global Markets"

Global CFDs is a specialised execution-only broker offering a wide range of international markets and instruments. Clients can trade from the comfort of their own home with a simple 3G or DSL connection.

Our philosophy is quite simply to offer the best trading platform at the best price. Our platform is widely considered to be a world leader incorporating cutting edge technology and a 24/7 help desk.  Learn more...